Ciudad Juarez

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a city in northern Mexico on the Rio Grande opposite El Paso

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De sus publicaciones mencionamos la coordinacion, junto con Luis Cervera, Cesar Fuentes y Rodolfo Rubio, de Violencia contra las mujeres e inseguridad ciudadana en Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, El Colegio de la Frontera Norte y Miguel Angel Porrua, 2010; y Trama de una injusticia.
Para ubicar la relacion entre expresiones de violencia y el contexto que caracteriza a Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, entre el 2009 y el 2011 (iii), plantearemos tres paisajes que permiten mostrar la compleja articulacion de fenomenos, dinamicas, lecturas y estrategias por parte de diversos actores, asi como procesos estructurales presentes en esta ciudad.
She also discovered that Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, while rated as a high murder rate city also is populated by people who provide old world charm with high levels of customer service.
2) Estudiantes del Programa de Ciencias Veterinarias, Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
This included removing 6 million tires from a pile in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which were converted into fuel.
Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, will use funds collected from its recycling program to purchase a limited supply of 100 percent biodegradable, wheat-fiber-based take-out containers and corn-starch-based utensils for use in the consulate's cafeteria.
The larger portion of this text discusses El Paso, Texas, the boring sister to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico (TAP) -A powerful blast rocked a US-owned candy factory in northern Mexico, killing one person and injuring more than 40 as rescuers searched for any other victims, officials said.
Originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, he had a doctorate in psychology from the University of Arizona and worked with bilingual special-needs students.
Lucio Soria works for El Diario, the biggest daily newspaper in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, just across the border from El Paso in Texas.
The first is the straightforward effort to explain the tragedy of women living in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.
437) studied 58 asthmatic children from two schools in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and two schools in El Paso, Texas.