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a state consisting of a sovereign city

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The Ambassador also presented a book on handicrafts of Pakistan to the President of the CityState Parliament.
Grant Year 2002 Recommended Funding By State State CityState Grant Type $ GRANTED AR Batesville, AR United Way of Independence County, Inc.
In their purest form, such arguments lead toward the desire for a citystate, Singapore perhaps being the world's most dramatic example.
The lower Snowy , Murrumbidgee, Murray and Molonglo (Canberra) Valleys, as well as the two citystate capitals, all began political maneuvering.
However, while there are partnerships formed to deal with the brownfields issue, there are few citystate partnerships to deal with the issue of sprawl.
It also conjures a bit of the magic that kept men like Kerr returning to resurrect the dream of a Muslim/Christian citystate by the sea.
Dislocation between London and the rest of the country will intensify, according to the report, which predicts the capital will become a citystate.
Thanks to the maneuvering of Dandolo, Venice acquired an unbroken chain of cities all the way from Constantinople to the Black Sea, as well as the island of Crete, guaranteeing the citystate a stranglehold on trade in the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea.
SINGAPORE: A poor quality video of the British High Commission in Singapore was released yesterday by authorities in the citystate as evidence against suspected terrorists accused of plotting to blow up Western interests.
Liberty Mutual Group today announced that its subsidiary, Liberty International, has purchased a controlling interest in Citystate Insurance, a leading provider of personal and commercial property-casualty insurance in Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines.
Now, in those days the Greeks were not a politically united people but were divided into small, independent citystates.
Amalgamation of Persian-Hellenized city-states with surrounded areas, removal of socio-cultural and economic-political inequalities between this two types of living places, imposition of self-governance by citystates, etc.
The Contemporary Urban Centre will host CityStates, a series of international exhibitions exploring the cultural dynamics between cities and states.