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the capital and largest city of Manitoba

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a lake in southern Canada in Manitoba

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Community gardening in Winnipeg is governed by provincial land use legislation, The City of Winnipeg Charter Act, zoning by-laws, development plans and City policies.
We are very excited to add the City of Winnipeg to our list of Canadian customers to help its staff manage the City's Assessment needs.
One unusual feature is that Shankland (who died in 1968) is memorialized by a lamp standard on Valour Road in the city of Winnipeg.
In this volume he returns close to home, focusing on Mennonites in his home city of Winnipeg.
There's a light touch to the impressive city of Winnipeg where there is much to see and do, as Sarah Batley discovered.
The establishment of the Social Welfare Commission of the City of Winnipeg in 1917 signalled a reversion to a government-centred system.
The mayors and reeves of the Capital Region as a group, was an idea originated by the City of Winnipeg in 1991.
He is currently working as archivist for the City of Winnipeg Archives and is a founding member of CRISIS, the Climate Records and Information Special Interest Section of the Association of Canadian Archivists.
The review report points out that the designated intake agency, serving all sixteen agencies operating in the City of Winnipeg, is not currently ready to become a separate agency as is planned for November of this year.
Building permit data available from City of Winnipeg Planning Department (see http://www.
These included helping to develop the inner city of Winnipeg with its large Aboriginal population.
Finally, the City of Winnipeg proved it will make any effort to accommodate a film shoot even if it means changing the prime minister's plans.
The 1997 City of Winnipeg flood was among the largest on record for the Red River Valley in Manitoba, Canada.
and recently implemented a 311 service for the Canadian city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.