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the capital and largest city of Poland

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The city of Warsaw, a community of 13,000 people, seems to offer the best of the rural and urban lifestyles.
The contract is for the promotion of the City of Warsaw during the International Dance Festival - XVI Polish Cup.
By the end of the failed uprising, close to 250,000 people had been killed and the city of Warsaw was in ruins.
ELEVEN members of the Coventry Association For International Friendship have taken part in an exchange visit to Coventry's twin city of Warsaw, Poland.
22, 2008 the District Court for the capital city of Warsaw, registered the
The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) holds its Autumn Round-Table Sessions in Poland's capital city of Warsaw, Oct.
It will be the biggest fan zone ever," said Jolanta Krzywiec, Deputy Director of Euro 2012 at the City of Warsaw.
QA Vice-President Commercial Qatar Ehab Amin said: "This promotion demonstrates a combination of the best cuisine from Qatar and Poland as Qatar Airways entered its newest destination in Europe with the launch of flights to the city of Warsaw.
Nasdaq:NTIA), Poland's largest alternative fixed-line telecommunications service provider, today announced that it has received from the Ministry of Communications, a license to construct a network and to provide telecommunications services in the city of Warsaw.
Services covered by the contract will be executed in the city of Warsaw at the following addresses: al.
For several years Netia has been operating in the territories surrounding the city of Warsaw, where it now has over 25,000 customers.
The site for the hotel was contributed by the City of Warsaw for which it received an equity interest in the project.
Just as the street connects the modern city of Warsaw to the Old Town, our new world products merge old world ideals of luxury and quality with the latest in advanced scientific research.
The Company's existing local telephone license territories cover five of the country's ten largest urban areas including Krakow, Poznan, Gdansk, Lublin, Katowice and several territories surrounding the city of Warsaw.