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a city of southeastern Estonia that was a member of the Hanseatic League

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The Planet Sushi restaurant has been launched as a part of a multi-brand restaurant complex that offers also IL Patio brand, in the city of Tartu (Tasku Mall, Turu Street, 2).
In this issue of Kids World, World Class takes you to the city of Tartu, Estonia to visit a grade three class at Tartu Katoliku Kool.
the coast guard and maintenance services to the beaches of the city of tartu, 2015-2017.
Contract notice: The coast guard and property maintenance services in the city of tartu 2015-2017 beaches.
Proving the existence of collateral for credit or financial institution or an insurer, or by depositing a sum of money economy of the city of Tartu City Government, Department of SEB bank account number EE1110152000026003.
Contract notice: Installation of traffic control operational work in the city of tartu 1.