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a strong paper or thin cardboard with a smooth light brown finish made from e

the capital and largest city of the Philippines

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FACTORY FIRE/PHILIPPINES: A fire which broke out at a footwear factory in Philippian capital city of Manila left 72 dead on early Thursday.
I am apologizing on behalf the city of Manila,'' he said.
With almost all of the votes counted as of press time, the former president was proclaimed the mayor-elect of the city of Manila after the Commission on Elections (Comelec) decided to lower the threshold needed to proclaim a winner.
But apart from these notable tourist destinations, Manila is also home to Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila, the only French 5 star hotel in Manila, also rich in history just like the city of Manila.
The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council ( NDRRMC) said five people were also injured as cities and town in northern Philippines including the capital city of Manila were submerged in flood waters.
The company is leasing its warehouse from the city of Manila.
Aquino recommended on Monday that officials from the city of Manila should instead face administrative sanctions.
Eventually, Joel needed a bone marrow transplant that cost pounds 349 - equivalent of about seven months' salary for a nurse in the impoverished city of Manila.
003, entitled "Declaring Total Commitment and Support to the Responsible Parenthood Movement in the City of Manila and Enunciating Policy Declarations in Pursuit Thereoff".
Hailing from the Philippines and made on a minuscule budget, this enchanting coming-of-age drama really gives you a feel for the city of Manila.
When he's in the ring, the normally congested capital city of Manila turns into a ghost town.
He identifies the social forces and processes that rallied in support of liberal democracy in the name of "civil society" and traces how the election-watch campaigns spread outward from the capital city of Manila to the provinces.
The man told him that through his web site, he had recently won the right to bid to supply cabling to the city of Manila alongside multi-national Siemens.
He saw the Philippine city of Manila, where he was stationed, crumble under relentless attacks by Japanese airpower.
Much of the recent growth in mobiles was coming from outside the main city of Manila, with the big operators, Globe and Smart, vying for lower income segments of the population by offering a range of cheap prepaid products.
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