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port city in southwestern Ireland

a humorous verse form of 5 anapestic lines with a rhyme scheme aabba

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The city of Limerick certainly is capable of sustaining a good solid professional team, the talent is there," added the former Republic of Ireland boss.
Nunan founded Daghdha Dance Company (named after a benevolent Celtic god) in the southwestern city of Limerick in 1988.
in the city of Limerick will be dissolved in October because of slumping global demand for parts used in optical devices, the third-largest Japanese cement maker said in a news release.
To capture the new Irish zeitgeist, Mixed Blessings focuses on the iconic city of Limerick.
On Saturday, there were more than 18,300 fans in the ground with the city of Limerick boasting a population of approximately 95,000.
In fact for some of those taking part in the 90 minute procession the party had begun the previous evening at the Irish Centre when the City of Limerick Pipe and Drum band joined top Country singer Nicky James for a memorable evening.
That sardonic wit and effortless charm, that supreme use of lyrical language, that ability to put at ease anyone he encountered, and that optimism in the face of adversity, all came from his traditional Irish Catholic upbringing in the south-west Irish city of Limerick.
Contract notice: School bus service - school years from 2015/2016 to 2017/18 - for the city of limerick - igc: 61836659c7.
Starting just west of the city of Limerick, Kilrush Golf Club has sometimes been called the friendliest golf club in Ireland.
But when former Cardiff and Wales fly-half Ring takes his family across the water to start a new life in the rugby-mad city of Limerick this summer, it will be purely for the love of coaching.
Foreman is a great pal of Father Joe's and lent financial assistance to a number of projects in the City of Limerick last year, including a donation to the football club.
After completing his Dublin programme, he will today sat receive the freedom of the city of Limerick and play a round of golf on the world-famous links at Ballybunion, Co Kerry.
The University is located on a riverside campus at the heart of the 600 acre National Technological Park at Plassey, three miles above the ancient city of Limerick.
This year we were honoured to host our two excellent groups from Ireland - Celtic Roots of County Wexford and the City of Limerick Pipe and Drum band.
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