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a city in western Switzerland

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Urbanet, a cable service provider reaching 180,000 homes in the city of Lausanne and the surrounding area of Switzerland, has selected Terayon to provide high-speed data services to their mix of commercial and residential subscribers.
Then, in 1985, yet another Lifar collection, this one exceptionally rich in programs, letters, and clippings, was given to the archives of the city of Lausanne.
City of Lausanne to Implement Kofax Express to Automate the Processing of More Than 850 Thousand Residency Registration Documents Annually
The sides reached a framework nuclear deal in the Swiss city of Lausanne on April 2.
Najafi further noted that the April 2 mutual understanding between representatives from Iran and five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany in the Swiss city of Lausanne does not condition the removal of anti-Iran sanctions on the IAEA's announcement that there are no undeclared nuclear activities in Iran.
Iran and the G5+1 agreed on April 2 in the Swiss city of Lausanne on the framework of a deal to be finalised by 30 June.
Oil prices went down by almost five per cent on Thursday after Iran and six major world powers including the US, Great Britain, Russia, France and Germany announced that they reached a framework deal on lifting of Iranian sanctions in the Switzerland city of Lausanne.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that a final agreement based on the terms reached in the Swiss city of Lausanne would threaten his country's survival and increase the risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East.
Conservative outlets maintained their long-held scepticism about negotiations with the United States and other leading countries, but rather than criticising the process outright many questioned who had benefited from recent talks in the Swiss city of Lausanne.
The main outlines agreed after eight days of talks that sometimes went through the night in the Swiss city of Lausanne now have to be finalised in a highly complex agreement by June 30.
Officials in the Swiss city of Lausanne said talks on a framework accord, which is intended as a prelude to a comprehensive agreement by the end of June, could yet fall apart.
But officials at the talks in the Swiss city of Lausanne said attempts to reach a framework accord, intended as a prelude to a comprehensive agreement by the end of June, could yet fall apart, and that they were at any rate likely to run until the deadline of midnight (2200 GMT) Tuesday or beyond.
On Monday, after Kerry, Zarif and others met for almost five hours in the lakeside city of Lausanne, a senior U.
But two diplomats said ahead of this week's talks in the Swiss city of Lausanne that persistent differences at the negotiating table had diminished the chances of such a substantial agreement.
Invitation to tender: Service mandate is to ensure the safety of employees of the social service of the city of Lausanne (SSL) on its various sites including a deterrent presence.
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