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a port city in western Ireland on Galway Bay

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Some descended from the city of Galway 'Tribes' who, largely because of their association with lawyers, managed to escape Strafford's attempts at confiscation in the early seventeenth century.
STUNNING - above, Clifden-Twelve Bens - Connemara, and inset a typical street scene found in the quietly cosmpolitan city of Galway
BOOZER BONANZA: The city of Galway has loads of great bars; OUT AND ABOUT; Enjoy the beautiful countryside of County Galway
Relatives from her home city of Galway, in Ireland, were among 150 guests at the party.
She said: "Some of his friends from Dublin are coming down and we are organising the city of Galway to get behind Andrew.
But Howells has decided to go with kicking ace Jenkins for the trip to the windy city of Galway.
It transpires that by the term "outside" he usually means from the city of Galway, all of 10 miles away, but nonetheless outside the officially designated Connemara Gaeltacht.
If it seems strange to an outside eye that Dublin didn't figure until now in the extraordinary trajectory of McDonagh's play (which included two runs in London, a tour of seven remote island communities in the west of Ireland, and, most famously, stints on Broadway and Off Broadway), it is clearly something of a point of pride for Druid, which is based in the western city of Galway and has long toiled to counteract the prevailing wisdom that the only culture in Ireland happens in its capital.
The city of Galway is gearing up for hundreds of professionals expected to visit the second annual MEDTEC Ireland show, 18-19 September at the Radisson SAS Hotel.
UAE Ambassador to Ireland Khaled Nasser Lootah met today with Irish Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore during a reception hosted by Irish government and organising committee of the Volvo Ocean Race which will be staged in the coast city of Galway by end of June.
Based on the author's PhD thesis, the study focuses primarily on the western Irish city of Galway and traces the mobilization and processes that emerged to counter the government's plans.
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