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Since this issue has not yet found its place in the transport policy of the City of Belgrade, the authors chose to promote the approach which puts the standards into the function of attractiveness and accessibility of the space the subject use is located within.
This paper contains the summary of results obtained in researching demand for transporting dangerous goods of class 3 (oil and oil derivates) in the area of the City of Belgrade in 2007.
BELGRADE, Jul 24, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu continues to hold talks in Serbian capital city of Belgrade on Thursday.
He said: "This was a good opportunity for us to look at the commercial potential of the relationship with the city of Belgrade and Serbia as a market.
That deal was put on hold when it was revealed that the Serbia-born businessman had returned to his home city of Belgrade to attend to his seriously-ill mother.
You'll hear this word, meaning cheers, all the time in the lively city of Belgrade.
Olivera Carlson an American retiree who has returned to Serbia to stop the city of Belgrade from finding an investor for her claimed property.
He was born on May 19, 1913 in the city of Belgrade, in the former Yugoslavia.
When the end came for Yugoslav dictator Slobodan Milosevic, 16-year-old Dejan Stanisavljevic was in the crowd of young people, many in their teens, jammed in front of the Parliament building in the capital city of Belgrade.
The attack was the closest bombing yet to the city of Belgrade, the Pentagon said.
Gap is planning to open its first store in Serbia in the capital city of Belgrade later this year.
Potable Water In The City Of Belgrade ( city ), Has Received A Loan From The European Bank For
This project is a continuation of an excellent cooperation between the EBRD and the City of Belgrade," said Aleksandar Bijelic, Belgrade Serbia's City Manager.
NIGEL Worthington will drop a selection bombshell in the former war-torn city of Belgrade this evening.
The city of Belgrade expanded territorially, enjoyed economic development, and gained political significance as the capital of the new kingdom.