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the government of a local area

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The city government will provide a project counterpart, receive the funds, and ensure the prompt implementation in accordance with the approved plans and programs of work.
local time and covered an area of about 200 square meters (2,000 square feet), Huangshi city government said in a statement on its website.
Over the next three years until 2015, the city government will expand LED lighting installation sites to include public spaces, marketplaces, guesthouses, hotels, office buildings and factories.
This enduring sterile debate has been characterized by its slow progress toward effecting change in Worcester city government and related institutions within the city.
city government -- namely a responsibility-free working environment and absurdly lax work rules.
After reading the conclusions of his visit to the US, the city government called on the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), a public agency set up in 1999 to help stimulate inner cities through rebuilding projects, to make an inventory of vacant land in Osaka.
The city government will then ask the Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Ministry for approval, which is necessary to levy the tax.
How much better paid are school administrators than their city government counterparts?
Effective collaboration between a city government and a CBO does not occur spontaneously--it takes concerted effort and commitment on the part of both partners.
Bruno Haase, a private citizen from the wealthy district of Charlottenburg, expressed the popular response: "The intention of the city government to do away with the white bread rolls horrifies me.
a huge entertainment conglomerate (formerly MCA), and the Osaka city government to build a whiz-bang Universal Studios theme park on an old 140-acre industrial site in the city.
AS IF MARKET RIGORS IN A CITY where hotel occupancy rates average only 70 percent weren't rough enough, the hotel industry in Tampa, Florida, is about to face a new, tax-exempt competitor: their own city government.
I've always been interested in housing and trying to help city government provide the best services in an economically viable way," said Rose who graduated from Yale and attended the Harvard graduate school of government.
Minorities and white women made significant gains in upper-level city government employment over the 1976-83 period; however, their salaries continued to lag those of white men
With responsibilities ranging from tax collection to public improvement projects to rebuilding the city's public school system, the city government attaches a high priority to maintaining the security of its network and sensitive data.