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a member of a municipal legislative body (as a city council)

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Anthony Kelly is a younger brother of former Limerick City Alderman Michael Kelly, who died in 2004.
She was probably chosen for the honour because her father was a city alderman.
Storyville was that part of New Orleans in Louisiana which was designated as the prostitutes quarter of the city and had been planned/built by a city alderman, Sidney Story.
HATS OFF: City alderman AE Shennan and R Williams in Dale Street in 1951 about to set off on the campaign trail on a scooter' HORSE POWER: Toxteth Conservative candidate JR Bevins was pictured by the ECHO campaigning on a horse-drawn milk float in the election of 1951' BOXED IN: Clerks crouch in a dingy room checking rows of battered metal ballot boxes in this picture from the 1950s.
The Scots entrepreneur also served as a city Alderman, a Deputy Lieutenant of Worcestershire and Mayor, living in Rose Hill until his death
People say Monroe doesn't do anything to encourage business but this shows that we do," said Monroe City alderman Keith Ingwell.
Clint Dunford and City Alderman Barbara Lacey were in attendance and brought greetings from their respective governments.
A city alderman has introduced the ordinance, with Mayor Richard Daley's blessing, that would impose an amusement tax on fans and safety regulations on owners of buildings who sell rooftop seats.
A Milwaukee city alderman alarmed by a rise in violent crime says he is pushing ahead with efforts to reduce the number of liquor and beer outlets in the inner city of Milwaukee - the city once known as the world's beer capital.
The Trust, which is named after Bernard Alderson a city alderman in the 1930s, already owns 16 homes in Erdington.
Gatsas' personal knowledge of Guinta, having worked with him when Guinta was mayor for four years and Gatsas a city alderman from the same party, is notable, more for what it says about Guinta than what it says about Mahoney, at least in Gatsas' opinion.
During a 39-year political career, Emery-Wallis was also city Alderman and Hampshire County Council chairman.
Johnson was a former Worcester City Alderman and Councilor from 1939-1941, State Representative from 1947-1958 for the 17th Worcester District, and was an active member of the American Legion East Side 201, and the Greendale Dissabled American Veterans 319.