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a state consisting of a sovereign city

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In his book Citistates, Peirce writes that "the time is more ripe than ever for an alliance of interests, environmentalists opposing development at the urban periphery joining with inner-city minorities to keep more job-producing firms within reach in established urban areas and away from distant greenfield sights.
Peirce writes in Citistates "(t)he 1990s may represent the last chance to avert an almost complete suburban-inner city standoff in America, with good jobs flying to the periphery, while entire cities sink ever deeper in disinvestment, underclass life, crime, and despair.
Citistates will be at a disadvantage, Peirce writes, echoing Anthony Downs, unless they curb unnecessary land consumption, locate home and workplaces closer to each other, and improve mass transit.
In our occasional newspaper series on the future of citistate regions, my colleague Curtis Johnson and I have begun to suggest how Internet-like capacities could be applied regionally.
If America's citistates are to succeed, they must "undergird governance with a strong civic organization.
Most obviously, the language for discussing regional issues has changed over time, moving from metropolitan government, to intergovernmental relations/intergovernmental management, to regional governance, to citistates.
Peirce, founder of the National Journal, has authored or co-authored ten books on urban affairs and trends, including Citistates (forthcoming, 1993), which portrays the shared economic and social challenges confronting America's metropolitan areas.
Seattle, the Twin Cities and the Cleveland area are even in the midst of what Brookings is heralding as a new era of applying modern business-style planning to the economic development potential of entire citistates.
The American City Quality Month program's honorary chair is internationally recognized urban affairs columnist, Neal Peirce with the Citistates Group, Citwire.
citistates must vault to be competitive in the international economy: the "deep socioeconomic gulf between poor cities and affluent suburbs," physical sprawl and the inability to create "effective systems of coordinated governance.
If you believe numbers count, the real America of 2009 is focused in its 363 metro regions, especially the 100 largest--the citistates of our modern world--which account for 65 percent of U.
The authors are long-time collaborators in the Citistates Group (www.
A webzine, the Cascadia Times, disseminates sustainable development, bioregionalist, and citistate views.
But with the agency's 200-million-plus trips a year--saving tens of millions of personal auto trips, many millions of gallons of gasoline--it has in fact succeeded in creating a more single and accessible citistate of Washington, D.
And borders, as state lines, plunge straight through such mega citistate regions as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and St.