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a state consisting of a sovereign city

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Citistate Advocates and the Devolution Paradigm: Both Canadian and American activists claim that national governments in Ottawa and Washington DC are too distant and favor "one-size-fits all" policy designs.
Louis would not appreciate a big regional government to tackle its problems, it must also acknowledge the role public representation from the neighborhood to federal level will play in actualizing their citistate model.
In his book's concluding section, Peirce offers 12 hortatory citistate guideposts.
The authors warn that "the right kind of citistate governance must be developed in a consultative, 'bottoms-up' process involving a wide range of civic players, neighborhood leaders up to the top level of corporate leadership.
Peirce argued that a citistate divided against itself "will prove weak and ineffectual," and that "political boundaries do not seal off problems of pollution, solid waste disposal, transportation, schools, inadequate infrastructure.
So we laid out the idea of creating, for the Philadelphia citistate, the world's highest-quality, high-tech, user-friendly information system - one introducing the region to itself and to the world.
With the exception of Chicago, Minneapolis and a few other metro areas, Austin finds the Great Lakes' citistate regions "economically stagnant, old and beaten up, plagued by severe racial divisions" and continuing "to bleed mobile, educated workers.
Across the country, pioneering citistate regions--Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and others--have begun to define directions we all need to take.
Especially interesting ties emerged viewing the region we called "the San Diego-Tijuana citistate.
A science and art of reshaping communities is emerging in America, notes Yaro, citing not just the post-9/11 efforts in Manhattan but such citistate regions as Salt Lake City, Austin and Chicago.
It defines cities--and citistate regions--as arenas to realize "community, civility and citizenship--the common values that all human beings share," including a "balance of rights and responsibilities" and peoples' sense of "belonging to a larger whole.
One of today's closest of all sister city relationships is between San Diego and Tijuana -- a single citistate divided by an international border.
It makes even less sense in an era of highly competitive global citistate regions.
Flashy projects give center cities a panache and credibility; they're drawing cards making downtowns viable centers and meeting places for entire citistate regions.
Our biggest surprise of all came at the end, when we broke the crowd into small groups and asked each to name what would propel the San Diego-Tijuana citistate forward the most dramatically by 2010.