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Synonyms for citation

Synonyms for citation

an official award (as for bravery or service) usually given as formal public statement

(law) the act of citing (as of spoken words or written passages or legal precedents etc

a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage

a passage or expression that is quoted or cited

a summons that commands the appearance of a party at a proceeding

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Arabic newspaper al-Rai said the ministry asked the company to hold an ordinary annual general meeting for 2009, and an extraordinary meeting for 2010 within the next two weeks, citing sources that it did not identify.
5bn by selling short-term debt, Dow Jones Newswire has reported, citing sources familiar with the matter.
The Anatolia agency said without citing sources that police staged raids in 14 cities Apr 5.
Merrill is expected to disclose the huge write-down when it reports earnings next week, the New York Times said, citing sources who had been briefed on the company's plans.
El Pais, citing sources, said: "A grave infection in the large intestine, at least three failed operations and various complications have left the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, laid up with a very grave prognosis.
Part one contained resources for preventing plagiarism, including links to the University's academic integrity policy, guidelines for citing sources in APA style, and Tumitin's research resources on preventing plagiarism.
It comes with a CD that contains quizzes, templates, handouts, photographs, assessment rubrics and ebooks like the Writer's Style Guide, which includes information on the writing process, a grammar handbook, punctuation guidelines, mechanics and usage rules and information on citing sources.
Without citing sources, the newspaper said that the Airbus unit, which produces 65% of the revenue of EADS and over 80% of its profit, could be merged with the parent company, Reuters reported.
Endesa SA and Energias de Portugal SA intend to bid for wind park contracts with a total of 1,700 MW capacity in Portugal, La Gaceta de los Negocios reported without citing sources.
It's the brave reporting by the few remaining unembedded journalists on the ground in Iraq that allow armchair columnists like me to write about Iraq, citing sources such as Salihee, Robert Fisk, and Dahr Jamal.
Each page offers extensive footnotes, citing sources ranging from Ben Jonson to Alice Cooper, Voltaire to a friend of the artist's from rural east Texas.
Taiwan will soon open its market to processed chicken from Panama in accordance with the two countries' efforts to expand bilateral trade and investment under a free trade agreement that took effect in January, reports The Taipei Times (June 28, 2004), citing sources in Panama.
Matt Daniels, director of the AFM, declined to comment on the controversy directly but did release a letter from an attorney, Chuck Allen, citing sources that defended the ISNA.
Citing sources that include the FBI, the ACLU, and a coalition of youth-advocacy groups, Mathis reports that "while blacks represent 13 percent of monthly drug users, they make up 37 percent of drug arrests" A young, black first-time lawbreaker is six times more likely to be jailed than his white counterpart; and although whites commit 57 percent of violent crimes in the U.
The Wall Street Journal, citing sources it did not identify, reported the story in its Friday editions.