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Synonyms for citation

Synonyms for citation

an official award (as for bravery or service) usually given as formal public statement

(law) the act of citing (as of spoken words or written passages or legal precedents etc

a short note recognizing a source of information or of a quoted passage

a passage or expression that is quoted or cited

a summons that commands the appearance of a party at a proceeding

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Three misdemeanor warrant arrests were made, as well as one citation for possession of marijuana and one arrest for possession of narcotic paraphernalia.
With TC, the Citation Mustang is cleared for single-pilot operation, day/night operations, visual and instrument flight rules (VFR/IFR), and operations in reduced vertical separation minimum (RVSM) airspace.
The first thing to do is read the citation in its entirety.
Verma and Murthy (1971) (1) analysed the citations in the fields of Political Science and Economics.
Troop R (Lackawanna, Pike, Susquehanna and Wayne counties), 80 inspections; 18 vehicles placed out of service; 64 citations issued.
PALMDALE -- Palmdale is looking to put some bite into the enforcement of its municipal codes by starting a citation program -- one that will include stiff fines for illegal fireworks, illegal dumping and graffiti.
The citation commended O'Neal noting "through his efforts and guidance the profession has benefited and grown.
require OSHA to issue citations within 30 days of an inspection (H.
In-text parenthetical citations may contain the author's name or the year of publication of a work (if the author is named in the text and has more than one work in the bibliography) plus the page or other reference numbers; e.
If the revenue from traffic citations received and retained by a jurisdiction equaled or exceeded that jurisdiction's cost of putting a traffic officer on the road, the issue of diverting resources from crime to traffic could become moot.
Pivetti said traffic engineers would talk with the sheriff's deputies about which intersections generate the most citations and where collisions are more frequent because drivers fail to heed the red.
The CN3 mobile computer allows officers to complete traffic citations faster and more efficiently than ever before.
There are currently 50,485 delinquent citations from Glendale with penalties totaling $2,584,726.
The Cessna static display will feature the full lineup Citations, the most complete array of business jets available.