Cistus albidus

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compact white pubescent shrub of southwestern Europe having pink flowers

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Enhanced photo-and antioxidative protection, and hydrogen peroxide accumulation in drought-stressed Cistus clusii and Cistus albidus plants.
I'd chose Cistus albidus, Phlomis with strange whorls of pink or yellow flowers would revel in the conditions, but I won't go mad with them, as they give me terrible hay fever.
Only the pre-coastal location of Prades (Catalonia) shares certain species with Espadan--such as Rosa pouzinii, Cistus albidus or Asplenium onopteris--in addition to some thermophilous and calcareous species, although the analysis (Figure 2) confirmed a differentiated floristic composition of the latter.
In our case, the community lacks these species (Calicotome spinosa, Cytisus villosus or Lavandula stoechas) and is particularly enriched with Rosmarinetea species such as Cistus albidus and Ulex parviflorus.
In the past, cisco was also made from other species of rockrose, in particular Cistus albidus L.
Cass yesca, hierba de la (SALA 15200) mecha, diezca Cistaceae Cistus albidus W Jara blanca, ardivieja L.
En este caso, las especies dominantes son Ulex parviflorus y Cistus albidus, que adquieren gran pujanza en las zonas mas devastadas por los incendios y bancales abandonados.
cartaghinensis son incluso superiores a los valores de germinacion total obtenidos en el caso de Cistus albidus, especie con la que se ha obtenido un 63% de germinacion total con tratamiento de estimulacion a las semillas (Perez Garcia & Pita Villamil, 1999), lo cual es bastante satisfactorio de cara a la conservacion del taxon estudiado.