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small to medium-sized evergreen shrubs of southern Europe and North Africa

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Where plants were very small, as is the case with Cistus creticus, the only way to obtain a clear rhizosphere sample was to cut the plants before sampling.
Instead, choose insect-pollinated trees and shrubs, all the ones that we know are attractive to bees and butterflies - azalea, berberis, buddleia, ceanothus, cistus, cornus, cotoneaster, cytisus, escallonia, fuchsia, hebe and holly.
The burnt remnants of trees and shrubs overlooked the whole display where cistus and myrtle had regrown around their bases.
BRIGHTEN up your garden with a fantastic Mediterranean cistus, known as the sun rose.
Think about good ground cover plants such as lowgrowing cistus varieties and vigorous alpines to cover soil, keep it cool and cut water loss.
Convolvulus cneorum with its bold white flowers, Woolly Thyme so soft to the touch, dazzling stripy Phormium, Sedum and Cistus x argenteus 'The Sun Rose' all have their place here.
That "hot-cold" cocktail is comprised of the cool bite of anise and the warm spice of pine, balsam and woody cistus.
Good, low-maintenance shrubs with a long flowering season include potentilla, hebes, low-growing cistus or patio roses.
A "peace and calming" blend consisting of 30 parts lavender, 20 parts Roman chamomile, 10 parts tangerine and 5 parts cistus, is said to be especially effective for reducing stress and is a favorite for diffusing overnight.
The meanings aren't always pleasant (Snakesfoot means "horror," while Gum Cistus means "I shall die to-morrow"), but c'est I'amour.
lThere is a British success as Cistus (Dick Hern/Willie Carson) just gets the better of Reine Imperiale in the Prix de l'Opera.
Color was the driving force for Jett's plant choices, including pink-blooming Cistus, orange Leucospermum, and purple-flowered Ceanothus.
The "actives" presentation highlighted two recent introductions now available for skin-active formulations in the US--Tego Cistus, a standardized extract from the plant Cistus incanus to protect skin from environmental stresses, and Phytosphingosine SLC, a novel sphingolipid derivative that helps to reduce the appearance of chronological aging and photo-aged skin.
Openby The burnt remnants of trees and shrubs overlooked the whole display where cistus and myrtle had regrown around their bases.
Silver or grey-leaved plants such as cistus, halimium and the Californian poppy are at risk.