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small to medium-sized evergreen shrubs of southern Europe and North Africa

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Helianthemums, cistus and sages will give your garden a Mediterranean feel, while succulents and ice plants, coupled with some lovely grasses, create a more coastal look.
Los jarales de Cistus ladanifer (cistetosum ladaniferi) representan situaciones mas termicas o de situaciones en solana (Mateo, 1984).
Low-growing plants such as Cistus, a rock rose smothered in pink or white flowers, and Ceanothus, which produces blue flowers in spring, will also add a touch of colour.
It's based on the cistus flower, which was used as a remedy for skin complaints by the ancient Egyptians, as well as extract of cactus from North America and the tropical neem tree.
They're great for draping over slightly tender shrubs, such as cistus, if the temperature turns arctic.
HI PAULINE, Yes, that's the purple flowered rock rose, Cistus x purpureus.
Making one is easy if you choose Mediterranean-style plants including lavender, euphorbias, cistus, santolina and phlomis, which provide plenty of nectar and pollen.
This all creates a microclimate which supports a range of plants such as eucalyptus and cistus that are not always guaranteed to survive a Northumbrian winter.
Se trata de un jaral-brezal de amplia cobertura caracterizado por la dominancia de Erica australis y Cistus populifolius.
We've selected the variegated foliage and pink flowers of the butterfly bush, buddleia Harlequin, the purple cistus Purpureus, the white-flowered cotoneaster decorus, the graceful white flowers of deutzia Gracilis, and the red-berried pyracantha Mohave.
The gardens have flowers and plants including rhododendrons, roses, cistus and berberis and they lead to a small young orchard area.
Coastal gardens often feature the shrubby tree tamarisk, brooms or cytisus, cistus, escalonia, lavatera, hardy fuchsias, hypericum, Spanish gorse and mophead hydrangeas, plus lots of windproof spiky-leaved plants like yuccas and phormiums.
The plants you choose have to reflect the conditions and euphorbias, cistus and verbas- cum are worth planting.
BEGIN A PURPLE LOW-WATER BORDER Plant these drought-tolerant perennials in hues of purple and lilac to make a fine display this summer: Achillea millefolium 'Lavender Beauty', Cistus x purpureas, lavender, Phlomis tuberosa, salvia, and Verbena bonariensis.