Cirsium arvense

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European thistle naturalized in United States and Canada where it is a pernicious weed

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The number of forb species is rather low; the dominant species are Iris pseudacorus, Cirsium arvense, and Dipsacus laciniatus.
The challenge of attracting pollinators while evading floral herbivores: patterns of fragrance emission in Cirsium arvense and Cirsium repandum (Asteraceae).
canescens Chrysothamnus (LFP, viscidiflorus, association) Cirsium arvense, Salsola kali Celastrina Spring Allium textile ladon (Cramer) Azure Cercyonis Great Basin Dipsacus sthenele (Bois.
fabarum originating from Aphis fabae cirsiiacanthoidis Scopoli on Cirsium arvense in the field to Aphis fabae Scopoli on Faba vulgaris were positive.
TABLE 10-1 Select Noxious and Invasive Plants NAME GENUS AND SPECIES TYPE Autumn olive Elaeagnus umbellata Invasive Canada thistle Cirsium arvense Noxious Dodder Cuscuta spp.
But Cahill doesn't have fond memories of stroking Cirsium arvense and Solanum carolinese (Canada thisles and horse nettles).
At old camps, carries, and logging-paths : Cirsium arvense (Canada thistle), Prunella vulgaris (common self-heal), clover, herds-grass, Achillea millefolium (common yarrow), Leucanthemum valgare (white-weed), Aster macrophyllus, Halenia deflexa East Branch (spurred gentian), Antennaria margaritacea (pearly everlasting), Acta rubra and alba, wet carries (red and white cohosh), Desmodium Canadense (tick-trefoil), sorrel.
Echinops ritro, Peganum harmala and Cirsium arvense were entirely associated with Site-2 as these species are mostly found at high moisture containing sites and dry spell is a threat for these species.
dioica y Silene vulgaris + en 2; Medicago sativa 3, Mycelis muralis y Eryngium campestre 2, Cirsium arvense +, Vicia tetrasperma y Verbascum pulverulentum r en 5; Salixpurpurea + en 6; Crataegus monogyna + y Populus nigra pl.