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a chronic disease interfering with the normal functioning of the liver

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After clearance from institutional ethics committee, we included consecutively 50 adult patients of cirrhosis of liver.
Khalid Mahmood said that alcoholic fatty liver disease is seen very common in our practice and it eventually leads to cirrhosis of liver.
Unpaired student's t test was used to compare numerical variables whereas, chi square (kh2) was used for categorical or nominal variables between patients with and without cirrhosis of liver.
Cirrhosis of liver (78%) was the common cause of ascites followed by hepatitis B virus infection (Table-3).
Results: Fifty confirmed cases of cirrhosis of liver were included in group 1 with equal number of age and sex matched non-cirrhotic patients included in group 2 as controls.
A 36-year-old male patient suffering from Wilson's disease with cirrhosis of liver and generalized anasarca developed painful, erythematous lesions over lower anterior abdominal wall and both thighs.
The study was conducted on 70 indoor patients of nonalcoholic cirrhosis of liver admitted to PG Department of Medicine of SCB Medical College, Cuttack, over 1 year.
Cirrhosis of liver is becoming an epidemic in Pakistan because of moderate prevalence of hepatitis C and B in our community2.
A strong relation was found between cardiomyopathy and severity of cirrhosis of liver (p=0.
This study was conducted in a tertiary care hospital of Karnataka to determine the aetiology and clinical profiles of patients with cirrhosis of liver.
Cirrhosis of Liver is the common hepatological disorder seen in clinical practice.
Cirrhosis of liver results in disorganisation of the lobular and vascular architecture.
1) The estimated incidence of EV in patients with cirrhosis of liver is between 40% to 80%.
MELD score is one such disease specific scoring system specific for cirrhosis of liver.