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Synonyms for circumlocution

Synonyms for circumlocution

a style that involves indirect ways of expressing things

an indirect way of expressing something

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Green's writing style is clear, accessible, and mercifully free of idiosyncratic theoretical jargon, long-winded circumlocutions, and (I hasten to add) professorialisms.
They also invented words for the most frequently used military terms, and in a stroke of brilliance, used poetic circumlocutions for some of them: America, for instance, became "our mother"; a submarine was an iron fish; a grenade, a potato; a battleship, a whale.
He has undermined the role of teaching qualifications to secure it, he has abandoned the national curriculum in its name, he has diverted millions of pounds of public funding to support it and he is now performing ideological circumlocutions to protect it.
But speaking well, as that is understood in politics -- circumlocutions serving tactical reticence -- is not his forte.
I also cannot see for one minute why Iran would want to imitate North Korea's tortuous circumlocutions and somersaults.
There was nothing, not even a glance or a word that might have emboldened me in my circumlocutions then or now.
And I think that it was in the context of this other sound, with it brilliant circumlocutions and its stately pace, that I reread "Walking to Windward" and, with a freshly tuned sensibility, was able to catch what I had missed before.
In a landmark study of women's language published in 1975, Robin Lakoff stated that women are supposed to be ladylike, speak "properly," and not use off-color or indelicate expressions but instead employ euphemisms or circumlocutions (80).
But why not simply say so rather than indulging intellectual circumlocutions that go nowhere fast (or slow, depending upon your perspective)?
The politically correct society is the civilised society, however much some may squirm at the more inelegant official circumlocutions designed to avoid offence.
To kiss, to cross the finish line, to say the first word: and just when the ever-widening circumlocutions were becoming intolerable, she opened her purse and set a notebook on her knee.
In doing this, Jones indulges Harris's idiotic circumlocutions and digressions, even finding them rather entertaining.
38) For a thorough comparison of the technical terms [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with the circumlocutions employed in verse inscriptions and classicizing prose, see Rife 2002:95-96, with the appendix of testimonia at 107-8.
For example, the OT Word of the Lord and passages in the Book of Wisdom may at times suggest circumlocutions for the divine as well, and could be the foundation of John's appropriation of the divine Word title into his Prologue.
When in the following month Humanae Vitae contradicts them, the editors republish an interview with Karl Rahner from the German news magazine Der Spiegel, in which, with lots of circumlocutions and spins, Rahner still says the woman's conscience is to be respected.