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William Harvey demonstrating to Charles I the circulation of the blood from the heart of a deer--oil on canvas by Robert Hannah, 1848.
One ex-pupil - William Fitzer - took up a career in printing, and was the man who published (in Latin) William Harvey's celebrated work on the circulation of the blood.
When the circulation of the blood slows down due to illness, injury or inactivity, blood can accumulate or "pool," which provides an ideal setting for clot formation.
If you stand still and close your eyes, within a few minutes, you will find yourself swaying; even the circulation of the blood depends on your activity.
In these troubled times in Oxford, Willis attended medical school but was not a student of Harvey, who in 1628 had published his work on the movement of the heart and the circulation of the blood, probably the most significant medical publication of all time.
The cure is aerobic exercise which enhances oxygenation and speeds up circulation of the blood to all the body's tissues and cells.
Also, conditions that affect the circulation of the blood, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, an irregular heartbeat and diabetes, increase your risk of having a stroke.
6 A teacher was giving a lesson on the circulation of the blood.
Thus Harvey's research into the circulation of the blood and the analogies he saw between human procreation and artistic theory (although that analogy is not as new as Gilman suggests on p.