working capital

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assets available for use in the production of further assets

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While not all goods that are produced are employed as either fixed or circulating capital, all have the potential for such employment.
Instead of circulating capital, the system of 419 circulates a narrative about the circulation of capital, which is itself intended in turn to catalyze the circulation of capital.
Upon a question on the reporting process of the fiscal order, Babacan said the Finance Ministry would release a report every 3 months regarding the "general administration" comprising of the central and local administrations, Social Security Institution, enterprises with circulating capital, unemployment insurance and similar institutions.
The capitalist initially has a total capital stock of [pounds sterling] 20,000, of which [pounds sterling] 7,000 is fixed capital (buildings, equipment, and the like), and [pounds sterling] 13,000 is circulating capital (stores of food and necessaries used to provision, or grubstake, labor over the period of production and thus the wherewithal to employ, or demand, workers).
Deleuze and Guattari explain that, while capitalism has taken striation to "an unequaled point of perfection, circulating capital necessarily recreated, reconstituted, a sort of smooth space in which the destiny of human beings is recast" (492).