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an oblong metal ring with a spring clip

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CONTROL PLEA: Penny Shoesmith and injured Circlip Picture by DAVE CHARNLEY
Circlips / retaining rings are designed to position and secure component in bores and houses.
Tenders are invited for Ohk For 203Mm Air Brake Cylinder Bogiemounted Air Brake Cylinder -Consisting Of 13 Items:- 1 Circlip Light B-16 To Rdso Drg.
Spanner-7/16 , 5 -Allen Key-1/4 , 6 -Allen Key-3/16 , 7 -Circlip Pliar-5/16 External 6 , 8 -Circlip Pliar-Internal 8 , 9 -Special Tool For E Type Circlip, 10 -Distributor Valve Holding Fixture, 11 -Spring Compressing Tool For Centre Stem And Spring Assembly , 12 -Spring Compressing Tool For Bottom Cover And Release Valve Assembly ,913 -Assembly Fixture For Upper Follower With Stem , 14 -Special Punch For Self Locking Circlip And 15 - C Clamp For Componentholding
Tenders are invited for 06 Types Of Circlip & Clamps