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(Greek mythology) a sorceress who detained Odysseus on her island and turned his men into swine

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Finally, they settled upon a Circe less besieged of the hoarse and grunting mob.
If Circe had never done anything worse, I really should not think her so very much to blame.
Quicksilver then gave him some further advice how to behave, and bidding him be bold and prudent, again assured him that, powerful as Circe was, he would have a fair prospect of coming safely out of her enchanted palace.
And Circe, as the beautiful enchantress was called (who had deluded so many persons that she did not doubt of being able to delude Ulysses, not imagining how wise he was), again addressed him:
Circe and the four nymphs must have been very diligently at work since the arrival of the mariners; for a great many yards of tapestry had nw been wrought, in addition to what I before described.
As for yourself, valiant sir," said Circe, "judging by the dignity of your aspect, I take you to be nothing less than a king.
But, all this while, he had held the snow-white flower in his hand, and had constantly smelt of it while Circe was speaking; and as he crossed the threshold of the saloon, he took good care to inhale several long and deep snuffs of its fragrance.
But, delightfully as the wine looked, it was mingled with the most potent enchantments that Circe knew how to concoct.
Drink, my noble guest," said Circe, smiling, as she presented him with the goblet.
Wretch," cried Circe, giving him a smart stroke with her wand, "how dare you keep your human shape a moment longer
Wicked Circe," cried he, in a terrible voice, "this sword shall put an end to thy enchant meets.
The tone and countenance of Ulysses were so awful, and his sword gleamed so brightly, and seemed to have so intolerably keen an edge, that Circe was almost killed by the mere fright, without waiting for a blow.
But Ulysses would not be pacified until Circe had taken a solemn oath to change back his companions, and as many others as he should direct, from their present forms of beast or bird into their former shapes of men.
You are to play the Circe up to date, and I am to be beguiled.
My dear lady," he said, "it is for Circe to command - and for me to obey.