Circassian walnut

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Eurasian walnut valued for its large edible nut and its hard richly figured wood

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Some Circassian walnut was used as well and considered the best of all, but supplies were uncertain.
The stock, for example, is 400-year-old Circassian walnut and was personally selected by Heym's managing director, Peter Bang, in Istanbul.
44-40, Caudill stocked it with circassian walnut using a "blind screw.
The Grand Ballroom is paneled in Circassian walnut imported from Russia and features an ornately handcrafted ceiling.
The cabinet is crafted of American walnut solids and Circassian walnut veneers.
The highest grades are stocked with Circassian walnut so fine the company refers to it as "precious.
Many believe that the best burr walnut comes from the Circassian walnut.
The dainty little test gun I shot sported a single selective trigger and matching XXX Circassian walnut wood on the splinter forearm and a straight gripped stock.
These beautifully crafted premium grade over-and-under shotguns come in 12, 20 and 28 gauge and feature high grade Turkish Circassian walnut stocks, hand-rubbed oil finishes and cleanly cut fine line checkering.
A Galazan Bosslook O/U, with its receiver milled from a single billet of tool steel, and butt and forend of the finest Turkish Circassian walnut will relieve you of 40,000 U.
O'Kelly then took over the project and began work on a superb blank of Circassian walnut he had selected for the stock.
selected a richly figured blank of circassian walnut to craft the stock that has a 14 1/2" length-of-pull, a down pitch of 3 degrees, a 1 1/2" drop at the comb and 2 1/8" at the heel.