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a member of the Sunni Muslim people living in northwestern Caucasia

a mostly Sunni Muslim community living in northwestern Caucasia

a northern Caucasian language spoken by the Circassian

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say, also, that the new crop of Circassians is looking extremely
41) In the two other Circassian republics of Adyghea and KabardinoBalkaria, political leaders have been assaulted and hospitalized, but rarely has a murder taken place so openly and demonstratively.
Until the 2000s -- when some local ethnic and linguistic identities woke up (mainly thanks to the Kurdish identity struggle) -- for the majority, a Laz invokes funny stories; a Bosnian, Bosnian bE[micro]rek; a Circassian kind of chicken.
The five-day festival is to present dancing performances from the Circassian, Armenian, Kurdish and Syriac Assyrian heritage in a reference to the richness the Syrian heritage and the harmony of the Syrians.
Lumber or wood is similar to Circassian (so-called English) walnut and a little lighter colored for most people who like blonde maple.
My Brother-in-Law Dani's Circassian White Cheese Torta
Moreover, this "happy occasion" provided a platform for Circassian activists who voiced their objections to the games being held on the hallowed ground of Sochi and called for a boycott on the grounds they were driven out of the region by Czar's armies during the 1860s.
Princess Fazia was of Albanian, Circassian, and French descent.
The Queen also met with board members of the Anwar Al Huda Islamic Society, and Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein Kindergarten, a project done by the Circassian Charitable Society.
Built in the 10th century in the Circassian Mamluk era, the dome is listed on the official map of the Ministry of Antiquities as antiquity number 256.
Most Circassian princes became Muslim at the end of the 18th century.
In the event, it was Marlowe who wore the skirts, a bold Circassian, black eyes sparkling behind a mask of sequins and feathers, a veil covering his beard.
Circassian Circle is comprised of twenty dancers adorned in costumes consistent with the Caucuses cultural, musical and linguistic landscapes.
People may speak Turkish, Kurdish, Zazaish, Bosnian, Lazuri or Circassian.