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a member of the Sunni Muslim people living in northwestern Caucasia

a mostly Sunni Muslim community living in northwestern Caucasia

a northern Caucasian language spoken by the Circassian

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Druze, Circassian, Armenian, Sunni Islam, Kurdish, Shiite, Greek Orthodox Arabs, Catholic Arabs, Maronite, and so many more that I'm not naming.
A large number of people gathered to cheer the unique Circassian performances.
Also important to keep in mind is that in the elite households that included Circassian members, even when those Circassians were of slave status, they likely did not do the heavy lifting or manual labor in the household (in fact, many of the pupils at the first school for girls in Egypt were Circassian girls, who were taught to be cultured, accomplished ladies at court).
Today, there are certain ethnic peoples of the Northern Caucasus that have higher numbers in Turkey than in the region itself (like the Circassians, Abkhazians and the Ubykhians).
The problem could become more dangerous if the Bedouin, Druze or Circassian communities decided to rise up against Israeli majority rule, because their sons enlist for service in the IDF, the police and the prisons service.
Lumber or wood is similar to Circassian (so-called English) walnut and a little lighter colored for most people who like blonde maple.
My Brother-in-Law Dani's Circassian White Cheese Torta
Knafeh, which can be bought in most Arab or Circassian bakeries in Israel, usually consists of one or two layers of thin and crunchy kadaif noodles, soft white cheese, sugar syrup, and ground pistachio nuts.
Moreover, this "happy occasion" provided a platform for Circassian activists who voiced their objections to the games being held on the hallowed ground of Sochi and called for a boycott on the grounds they were driven out of the region by Czar's armies during the 1860s.
Princess Fazia was of Albanian, Circassian, and French descent.
To explain the path Circassian nationalism is taking after the 2012 presidential election, I will first turn to the classic theoretical literature on this subject, Gellner's work on nations and modernity (1) and Anthony Smith's famous theory of ethnosymbolism, which both translate well to the Russian context.
1) One section of the poem, the so-called ethnographic section in which the Circassian customs and way of life are described in some detail, was reprinted six times in Pushkin's life alone.
Built in the 10th century in the Circassian Mamluk era, the dome is listed on the official map of the Ministry of Antiquities as antiquity number 256.
That the Ottoman Empire did not strive for an alliance with Shamil and the Circassian Muhammad Amin remains one of the biggest mysteries of the war, a problem that Badem sketches in detail but for which he found no answer.