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Only 8 specimens from this list (Callitriche intermedia, Circaea alpina, Salsola kali, Swertia perennis, Lunaria rediviva, Cakile maritima, Dentaria bulbifera, Betula nana) have survived in the herbarium.
Identification of archaeological remains of wheat: the 1992 London Workshop, Circaea 12(2): 195-209.
Late Summer- Spring species Summer species Fall species Arisaema dracontium Circaea lutetiana Agastache nepetoides Dodecatheon meadia Cryptotaenia canadensis Ageratina altissima Osmorhiza longistylis Galium concinnum Amphicarpaea bracteata Potentilla simplex Orbexilum onobrychis Hackelia virginiana Sanicula odorata Phytolacca americana Lactuca biennis Triosteum aurantiacum Smilax lasioneura Phryma leptostachya T.
A proposed scheme for evaluating plant macrofossil preservation in some archaeological deposits, Circaea 11: 1-6.
Mammals and bird bones from Launceston Castle: decline in status and the rise of agriculture, Circaea 12(1) (1996 for 1994): 1-156.