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the activity of converting data or information into code

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Cedar Group plc last fall acquired The Hunter Group and Cipher Systems to offer clients complete product and service solutions and to expand Cedar's market presence in North America.
UK-based enterprise systems provider Cedar Group Plc has acquired Cipher Systems Ltd, a Canadian software and services delivery and implementation company in a deal worth up to USD12m.
Cipher systems have been common since ancient times and vary in degree of complexity and sophistication.
Examples of products designed for specific work environments include Aurigin in patent and intellectual property management, Cipher Systems in competitive intelligence, Serviceware in just-in-time technology training, and Contextware for supporting professional services personnel.
Both Compaq and Lotus now offer two Lotus Notes and Domino-driven Knowledge Management applications developed by Lotus Premium Business Partners, Cipher Systems and GlobalServe Corp.
Market intelligence leader Cipher Systems is launching "Knowledge.
For more information, contact Cipher Systems at 888-899-1523 or 410-451-6889; fax: 410-451-0259.
Cipher Systems LLC, a full service content management and competitive intelligence consultancy based in Annapolis, MD USA, has appointed Dr.
Cipher Systems, one of North America's leading competitive intelligence software and custom strategic research consultancies, is pleased to announce the next generation of competitive intelligence software, with Knowledge.
To assist with these efforts, Cipher Systems, North America's largest full service Competitive Intelligence (CI) consultancy, announced today that it has expanded its award-winning software Knowledge.
Cipher Systems, the full service strategic research consultancy, launched today the 2007 innovations available in their award-winning enterprise CI software Knowledge.