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rolled dough spread with cinnamon and sugar (and raisins) then sliced before baking

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It is, however, the fate that awaits the pastel de natas, cinnamon buns, salted caramel tarts, delightful sounding humming bird cakes, raspberry and pistachio friands, banana bread and orange and almond buns.
Try Cashew Lemon Pudding Cake, Pumpkin Maple Cinnamon Buns, Sweet Potato Lime Creme Brulee, or a mouthwatering selection of vegan ice cream.
The coffee firm, based in Waterbury has reached a multi-year agreement with a global producer of cinnamon buns and other baked goods, Cinnabon to bring a Cinnabon-inspired coffee to K-Cup packs for GMCR s Keurig single cup brewing system.
The vivid detail of taste, touch, smell--the aroma of cinnamon buns, the wafting pine of the Christmas tree--ari real to them, but exist for you only in your imagination.
Some fifty recipes run the gamut from pita bread and cinnamon buns to rye bread and brioche.
The yummiest food is raw dough--of all kinds, but particularly raw cinnamon buns.
CONSUMERS CAN BAKE CRUSTY SODA BREAD, flaky croissants, delicate meringue cookies, and sweet and delicious cinnamon buns with the new Sil-Eco U.
6, which is scented with cinnamon buns, a perennial customer favorite and one of the company's best-selling shower gel scents.
January's market had 17 vendors, including Sweet Creations by Gloria Castano of Leominster - she had homemade cinnamon buns and chocolate-dipped red velvet cake balls on a lollipop stick; custom-designed jewelry by Fitchburg's Terry Impostato; Mike Cygan's Bird and Bat Houses of Athol; Kathy Lynch's all-natural doggie treats; Growing Places Garden Projects; the Leominster Johnny Appleseed Visitors Center and more.
He only knew they had a great recipe for cinnamon buns and that it was something he could get passionate about.
I'm at work at three every morning to bake fresh bread and cinnamon buns for the day.
The class of 13 students raised nearly $400 for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank by baking and selling cinnamon buns, buns, cupcakes and tarts in their school's kitchen.
The sweet aromas of homemade cinnamon buns and fresh bread fill Montague Harbour off Galiano Island, B.
This was how I reacted to Stina Almroth's cinnamon buns when I first tasted them.