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herb of Canary Islands widely cultivated for its blue or purple or red or variegated daisylike flowers

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In the garden she begins to describe her cinerarias to the stranger.
Coleus can be as colourful as any flower with leaves in green, yellow and red; Cinerarias look so attractive
SOW cinerarias in a greenhouse or cold frame to bring a riot of colour to winter.
SOW pots of cinerarias and calceolarias to add flowers to your house- plant arrangements later in the year.
In coastal areas, set out bedding begonias and cinerarias.
Think of winter-flowering house plants and sow seeds of primula and cinerarias under glass or in a propagator.
Such plants, like the showy cinerarias, bought when in prime condition will liven up an indoor display, albeit temporarily, after which they can be replaced.
MOVE seasonal flowering house plants such as cinerarias and primulas to the warmest spot of the house to force the buds to open.
Near the coast, set out cinerarias and monkey flower.
Camellias, in pink, red or white, make the bedroom look luxurious in early spring, and cinerarias, which are also available in a variety of hot colours, help to brighten grey winter light.
If you prefer to grow flowering pot plants for your indoor displays, then sow schizanthus or Poor Man's Orchids and cinerarias.