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photographic film several hundred feet long and wound on a spool

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Thanks to funding from Screen Yorkshire and collaboration between the racecourse and the Yorkshire Film Archive, a compilation of archive cine film has been put together, capturing the moods of a race day from the 1920s to the 1970s, and was broadcast between races.
Anyone who can help us with photographs, cine film, stories and experiences, please get in touch.
A system that will convert cine film to digital image data capable of being reviewed by workstations or complete PACS environments conformant to the DICOM Standard has been introduced by Microboards Technology, Inc.
Super 8 is, of course, the cine film format that many of today's leading filmmakers cut their cinematic teeth on.
My dad played for the River City Jazz Men, and is in an extended version of this cine film.
The event included the inaugural screening of a short black and white cine film about Ashley taken in his first studio at Dodworth, Barnsley, by the late John Hoyland, a renowned abstract painter.
The Walker Art Gallery: today until November Cine FILM Holliudy, Brazilica Film Festival The family comedy, Cine Holliudy, at Brazilica Barracao, centres around storyteller and Kung Fu movie maniac Francisgleydisson who must fight to keep his passion for cinema alive when the arrival of television in the countryside of Ceara, in the `70s, puts into question his small movie theatre business.
Of particular delight and interest is an excellent cine film taken by a local man in 1971 before some of the original buildings were demolished and Chapel Place and Chapelville were built.
As she chats warmly to the audience, family photographs are beamed onto the black backdrop and neon graphics, a soundtrack and even the odd cine film also illustrate her tales.
Also of interest are cine film footage and photographs showing the picture on the TV set pllus home movies showing the TV crew at work on location or in the studio.
What would really help our application is if any of the former passengers could share any old cine film or photos they have of the ship.
Dad did a short film of the game but unfortunately I have been unable to lay hands on it since he died, which is a shame as he did go to the trouble to transfer all his old cine film on to video.
AA NEWLY-DISCOVERED colour cine film shot in 1965 which tells the story of East Stirling's return to Firs Park from Clydebank in 1965 is to be shown at the Shire Big Night fundraiser at the Inchyra Grange Hotel, Falkirk, on September 16.