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a woman whose merits were not been recognized but who then achieves sudden success and recognition

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You would be liable to be swept out of the room with the cobwebs and carpet-dust, and to find yourself under the grate, like Cinderella.
I shan't let anyone see you till you are done, and then we'll burst upon them like Cinderella and her godmother going to the ball," said Belle in her persuasive tone.
Judy never owned a doll, never heard of Cinderella, never played at any game.
When a fully appointed gala coach is produced out of a pumpkin to take her to a ball, Cinderella does not exclaim.
Interestingly, besides Cinderellas cruel stepmother and stepsisters, a fairy godmother and a handsome prince, the Moscow Festival Ballets production also introduces some new characters including four fairies, which change the seasons as they dance to help the Cinderellas fairy godmother change rags into a formal gown.
I saw tour of the five current Cinderellas and her fellas--actually catching the first-night cast of Alina Cojocaru and Johan Kobborg last, unfortunate as this was not a case where the first should be last.
But there is the Cinderella glass slipper, dazzling and showing off in a one minute and 16 seconds video clip released by Disney on May 15.