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Roman statesman regarded as a model of simple virtue

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Prior to joining Cincinnatus in 2006, Linda was President and CEO of Special Olympics Minnesota for 15 years.
change his name from Cincinnatus to Joaquin, in honor of the fabled
During his lifetime, Washington earned frequent comparisons to Cincinnatus, the Roman farmer who dutifully and reluctantly served his country, rather than Julius Caesar, whose power grabs cost the Romans their republic.
I was the only kid who had read of Sir Gawain, so argument was moot and the other kids didn't even know General Lee's Traveler or General Grant's Cincinnatus.
The constant comparison of Washington to Cincinnatus is one we should never grow tired of.
Was he a Cincinnatus, then, like George Washington, often taken as Lee's model?
After writing "The Convenient State," Wills returned frequently to the Revolutionary era, with Inventing America (1978) on Jefferson's draft of the Declaration of Independence, Explaining America (1981) on Madison and the Federalist, and Cincinnatus (1984) on George Washington.
These nascent Americans saw themselves as the Rome of Cato, Cincinnatus and Caesar, not of popes, cardinals and curia.
Even Cincinnatus, the patron saint of civic virtue, served two full terms as dictator before famously turning in his fasces for a plow.
Besides working for other major animation studios, McKennon also appeared on screen in top-rating US TV drama series including Dragnet, Gunsmoke, The Untouchables and, for six years, as Cincinnatus the storekeeper, in Daniel Boone.
Pete, like Cincinnatus of ancient Rome, left his proverbial plow to defend his homeland when his nation needed him most.
But now he has ostensibly resurfaced, like a Persian Cincinnatus, to help Iran in its hour of need.
Chris Christensen is the Cincinnatus of eMortgages--Cincinnatus being the simple farmer in ancient Rome who settled disputes; the one always pictured with a bundle of sticks and a plow.