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Roman statesman regarded as a model of simple virtue

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Nevertheless, Cincinnatus dutifully packed his gear, kissed his wife goodbye and departed to raise an army.
Cincinnatus is excommunicated precisely because he takes one step further beyond the repressive reality grinded out in the materialistic world of the novel by giving voice to his subjective reality.
TEREBELLIDAE Pista pacifica Thelepus cincinnatus Thelepus crispus TROCHOCHAETIDAE Trochochaeta multisetosa ARTHROPODA, PY CNOGONIDA PHOXICHILIDIIDAE Phoxichilidium femoratum AMMOTHEIDAE Achelia alaskensis ARTHROPODA, OSTRACODA PHILOMEDIDAE Euphilomedes sp.
Cincinnatus was given special attention when Brumidi painted his first mural in the House Agricultural Committee Room, Calling of Cincinnatus from the Plow.
Joaquin Miller (1837-1913) is the pen name of Cincinnatus Hines Miller who became known later in life as "The Poet of the Sierras.
Such magic continues throughout Invitation such as when Cincinnatus describes the first time he levitates: "I stepped straight from the window sill on to the elastic air and-feeling nothing more than a half-sensation of bare-footedness (even though I had shoes on)--slowly and quite naturally strode forward, still absently sucking and examining the finger in which I had caught a splinter that morning .
And Wills goes on to elucidate the nub of Jefferson's concern: "in accepting the ideal of Cincinnatus, Washington automatically limited the dangers of charismatic leadership, which is always at least quasi-religious, an assertion of semi-divine 'grace.
Like Cincinnatus of yesteryear in Roman times, John came forward to prevent a crisis and win the battle, then returned to his daily devotion of improving and restoring eyesight to his patients.
State and national assemblies consciously drew on the Roman example of temporary dictatorship, aware that someone thought to be a Cincinnatus might be a Caesar.
The Return of George Washington, as well-researched and well-told a work of popular history as anything published this year, begins by celebrating this decision of Washington's to be a new Cincinnatus, to surrender his vast military power and retire to the life of a Virginia plantation owner.
This is the case of Floyd and Lloyd in the short story "Scenes from the Life of a Double Monster," or of a number of characters in the following novels: Albinus and Rex in Laughter in the Dark, Cincinnatus and Pierre in Invitation to a Beheading, Kinbote and Shade in Pale Fire, Van and Ada in Ada, and Hermann and Felix in Despair.
The name of the new society was taken from the illustrious Roman general, Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus, who left his farm at the call of his country and led the armies of Rome to victory.
Joseph began Cortland-Chenango Rural Services 27 years ago in Cincinnatus, in the heart of central New York State.
Sharon agreed because he liked the image of farmer-general, a la Cincinnatus, the fifth-century B.
Storming Heaven's opening, narrated by Cincinnatus Jefferson Marcum, exemplifies Giardinas characters' eloquence: