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a city in southern Ohio on the Ohio river

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She insisted on leaving Cincinnati that night, saying that if they stayed until morning the owner of the money would be sure to find them out and make trouble.
In Cincinnati he had lived in a neighborhood where gangs of tough boys prowled through the streets, and all through his early forma- tive years he ran about with tough boys.
In Cincinnati, when he lived there, Tom had found out many things, things about ugliness and crime and lust.
Then he thought of a storm that had gone roaring through Winesburg several days before and, his mind going back, he relived the night he had spent on the train with his grandmother when the two were coming from Cincinnati.
In Cincinnati he became acquainted with the old aunt, and had found means to open her mouth.
As a native Cincinnatian, I always understood that Cincinnati had a hard time finding its identity, its Founding Fathers believing in freedom, but for whites only, not for those of a different hue.
The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, the international touring company that disbanded forty years ago, returns this month, thanks to a collaboration between the Cincinnati Ballet and the Cincinnati Art Museum, a pair of documentary filmmakers, and former Ballet Russe principal dancer Frederic Franklin.
SOUTHWESTERN OHIO November 4--Student Night; Raffel's, Cincinnati December 4--Christmas Dance, Cincinnati Club, Cincinnati, January 13--Past Chairman Night, Raffel's, Cincinnati.
If the eighth-seeded Bruins are going to keep their season alive, they're going to have to beat top-seeded Cincinnati today at 9 a.
The School for the Creative and Performing Arts for high school and elementary students is recognized by the GRAMMY Foundation as one of the top 100 programs in the nation, and the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) offers top-rated programs recognized nationally and internationally.
That was Cincinnati, Ohio, last April after a policeman shot and killed an unarmed 19-year-old African American youth he said he thought was reaching for a gun.
Cincinnati isn't just a town down on its luck, It's the future of the American city.
OF Deion Sanders San Francisco Cincinnati Free Agent