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Characteristics of Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae): Infestation and dispersal in a high-rise apartment building.
Geographic distribution of Wolbachia infections in Cimex lectularius (Heteroptera: Cimicidae).
As the national bed bug pandemic grows, Cimex Exterminating Corp.
However, the transliteration of the hieroglyphic for flea is not certain, and this could equally imply occurrence of bedbugs, Cimex lectularius, as opposed to fleas (Panagiotakopulu & Buckland 1999).
In one particularly egregious case, 272 of 637 employees in one office of state tourism and financial firm Cimex were disciplined within a 12-month period for various offenses.
collinsi mirrored the presence of Cimex adjuctus and Myodopsylla insignis of the northern studies and are explained by the western species distribu tion.
Cuba hopes to continue to expand in this sector, and is banking on the allure of its beautiful beaches and skilled work force, in which "one of every eight working adults is a skilled technician and one of every fifteen holds a masters or better," according to Regino Boti, vice president of CIMEX, a newly created company to promote investment and business.
During the last decade, the hematophagous arthropod Cimex lectularius, known commonly as the bed bug, has undergone a major resurgence in the U.
In addition, 1 Cimex hemipterus bed bug (3%) (1/39), collected from a household in S1 in February 2012, tested positive.
Caption: Three to 12 minutes is enough for Cimex lectularius to use its long piercing mouthparts (shown in a false-color image) for a stealthy blood heist.
The phylogenetic associations were constructed in MEGA5, using the Neighbor-Joining method (Saitou & Nei 1987) with Kimura's 2-parameter correction (Kimura 1980) with bootstrapping (1000 replicates) and MLST sequences from the nematode, Brugia malayi (Brug) (Spirurida: Onchoceridae), and Cimex lectularius L.
Morales is former marketing director for Cimex SA, Cuba's top retail and wholesale entity; he moved to Miami in 2006.
May 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Cimex Exterminating Corp, a bed bug pest control company, has announced that it now offers financing.
Clients include: office2office, Misys, Cimex, BT plc, Stagecoach, Skyscanner, SoftCat, Learndirect, London School of Economics, Newsquest, Shine TV and STV.