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a river that rises in northeastern New Mexico and flows eastward into Oklahoma where it becomes a tributary of the Arkansas River

wild sheep of mountainous regions of western North America having massive curled horns

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CSA certification mark appears on billions of products worldwide, and Cimarron is proud to display it on our ARControl and BMS.
Along with the 1872, a Cimarron 1860 Richards-Mason conversion in .
Cimarron Energy is a Norman, Oklahoma-based manufacturer of oil and natural gas production equipment providing separation, flowback and environmental devices to exploration and production companies throughout the US.
Air Force has to beat Manila All-Japan and hope for a Cimarron upset over Manila Jeepney in order to make a return appearance to the first division.
In the US, Cimarron has been servicing the hospitality industry for years as well as live entertainment with clients such as MGM Grand, Wynn, and CIRQUE Du Soleil.
Analysis of two populations of the Uruguayan canine breed Cimarron (Canis familiaris) using rapd markers.
Mindy Dickerson is the principal of Cimarron Elementary School, and Lenny Schad is the chief information officer at Katy Independent School District.
The Cimarron project is the largest photovoltaic project by an electric cooperative and among the largest facility of its kind in the world.
Cimarron are the most accomplished llanera (a type of harp) group in Colombia.
Catrin first came across Cimarron when they appeared in Caernarfon in 2007.
La trayectoria literaria de Miguel Barnet tiene un hito fundamental que es la publicacion en el ano 1966 (es decir ya han transcurrido cuarenta anos) de su novela Biografia de un cimarron que fue una obra testimonio, como se llamo en la epoca.
LUIS MARIO OCHOA & AMIGOS Cimarron (Cuban Music Productions)
Nearly 600 Lockheed Martin employees and community volunteers donated their time and energy to paint Cactus, Cimarron, Joshua Hills and Tumbleweed schools.
Atop Del Cerro Pass in Cimarron, the Howell Ranch has been in Jim and Daniela Howell's family since 1937.
Activists from the Cimarron Alliance Foundation--the state's most influential gay rights group--are looking at how to expand beyond metropolitan areas and educate rural voters on such issues as harassment, workplace fairness, and legal protections for same-sex couples.