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class of protozoa having cilia or hairlike appendages on part or all of the surface during some part of the life cycle

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Cirsium oleraceum Cirsium palustre Deschampsia caespitosa + Drosera rotundifolia Epilobium adenocaulon Epilobium angustifolium + Epilobium hirsutum Epilobium montanum Eriophomm vaginatum + + + + Galinsoga ciliata Lycopodium annolinum Melampyrum pratense + Mycelis muralis Orthilia secunda Oxycoccus palustris + Poa trivialis Pteridium aquilinum + Pyrola rotundifolia Rubus chamaemorus Senecio vulgaris Taraxacum spp.
Metropina temporalis, the type species of the nominal genus Metropina is found to be very similar or possibly identical to Pyrgotomyia ciliata, the type species of Pyrgotomyia (see below).
Watson [hairy-fruit chervil] APOCYNACEAE Amsonia ciliata Walter var.
ciliata form a robust clade (bs, bootstrap support, 99 %), supporting their close relationship.
At least five species have their entire current Canadian range on Pelee Island (Blephilia ciliata, Carex leavenworthii, Muhlenbergia sobolifera, Triosteum angustifoliurn and Viola rafinesquii) and several others, mostly or entirely on the Erie Islands (e.
salt bush), Puccinellia ciliata (puccinellia), Thinopyrum ponticum (tall wheat grass), and Distichlis spicata var.
Himalayan Trees: Pinus wallichiana, Picea smithiana, forest grazing Taxus baccata Cedrus deodara Quercus lands dilatara, Querrus semicarpifolia, Juglans regia, Aesculus indica, Acer pictum, Acer caesium, populus albs, Populus ciliata, Pyrus sp.
Pentzia incana (anchorkaroo) is the dominant karoo bush, and Chrysocoma ciliata (bitterbos) the main pioneer.
Simulated escape of juvenile sand whiting (Sillago ciliata, Cuvier) through square-meshes: effects on scale-loss and survival.
quinquefasciatus 81 798 Psorophora ciliata 5 22 Ps.
Other good choices include Lysimachia ciliata 'Firecracker', a moisture-loving bronze-leaved plant with brilliant yellow flowers.
The Mediterranean orchid Ophrys speculum manufactures whiffs of the same scent that the female wasp Campsoscolia ciliata does.