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the part of the tunic of the eye between the choroid coat and the iris

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Dr Marco Ruggeri, assistant professor at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, explained: "Although it is accepted that changes in the optical and mechanical properties of the crystalline lens are central to the onset of presbyopia, little is known about the role of the ciliary muscle and how it may, or may not, affect the loss of accommodation with age.
With chromium deficiency, less glucose can be drawn from the capillaries to fuel the ciliary muscles.
Given the observed blood flow improvement measured in the retinal capillary vessels, it is likely that more blood reaches the ciliary body and provides nourishment to the ciliary muscles.
Marfan syndrome is a disorder of connective tissue and is associated with ectopia lentis, flat cornea, increased axial length of globe, hypoplastic iris or hypoplastic ciliary muscles, and various skeletal abnormalities.
Nitric oxide is believed to play a role in controlling IOP through specific mechanisms, including relaxation of the ciliary muscles and other structures which allow fluid to drain from the eye.
Second, the ciliary muscles don't squeeze the lens.