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Ciguatera poisoning is a food-borne disease that can come from eating large, carnivorous reef fish, and causes vomiting, headaches, and a burning sensation upon contact with cold surfaces.
Microarray analysis for gene expression at both laboratories reported markers that were similar to samples from other patients with clinical diagnoses of ciguatera poisoning.
36) Although both expert witnesses believed that ciguatera poisoning could cause GBS, they held different views as to the biochemical reaction that could result in GBS from ciguatera poisoning.
Occasionally, ciguatera poisoning has been reported outside disease endemic areas, such as the Bahamas, Canada, or Chile, but no case had been described in the West African region until now.
To cut your risk of ciguatera poisoning, avoid locally caught grouper, amberjack, and red snapper in tropical areas.
The increasing popularity of snapper, amberjack, and other reef fish in temperate markets is widening the risk of ciguatera poisoning.
Ciguatera poisoning occurs only after eating saltwater fish.
Another problem of the tropical areas is scombroid fish poisoning, which is caused by formation of the toxic substance(s) during mishandling of the fish prior to processing and not by a naturally occurring toxin as in ciguatera poisoning.