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Leamington-based Sez-U theatre company will perform as Ciggy Buttz, and his nemesis Doctor Fresh, at the event.
MORE than half of drivers regularly break the law by eating, drinking or lighting a ciggy at the wheel - and some don't even realise it's illegal.
IT was a good idea to ban smoking, but now we have people standing outside buildings and throwing the ciggy butts all overthe place.
IMAGINE a world where Ashley Cole is just a nice-looking bloke who likes an off-duty drink and a ciggy and favours the kind of clubs where trainers are only allowed if they've never seen sporting action.
But despite an odd ciggy to calm her nerves, our stunning pictures show that fun-loving Cam looks like she has started to put it all behind her as she splashes in the surf in Hawaii.
The place was littered with bottles, paper and ciggy stumps.
WE thought she'd stubbed out this nasty habit for good, but here's Charlotte Church having a crafty ciggy.
The actress, 23, enjoyed a crafty ciggy during celebrations at Buckland House, Devon.
Things have improved but the chip papers, crushed ciggy packs and plastic bottles which regularly chase each other up and down the roads by us are testament that there's still a long way to go.