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a box for holding cigars

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His instruments, which look like a banjo with a cigar-box head, include an electronic pickup.
The Baron de Ley is very pleasant and complex on the nose with fruit pie and cigar-box aromas.
Alaniz organized the first festival at Cozmic Pizza last July, and he and another cigar-box guitarist later approached Still about bringing the sound to the mainstay market.
Highlights include a Helen Frankenthaler signed 5-color screen print artist's proof titled "Spoleto," a Larry Rivers signed and dated (1968) mixed media cigar-box sculpture titled "Dutch Masters," and a Paul Jenkins signed and dated (1971) abstract lithograph in blues and greens, 3/100.
IMPRESSED: William meets cigar-box juggling punk Pierre at centre NATURAL CHARM: Kate bonds with a young fan TRUE BLUE: Leggy Kate looks great at visit to centre TOTALLY COMPOSED Kate looks so relaxed during walkbout in Quebec City
Early games used champagne corks as balls and cigar-box lids as bats.
Panels of sawn stone and elaborate glazing mark the entrance to the tower, while the the wing is clad in what a Danish critic has charmingly (and accurately in the circumstances) called cigar-box wood(4) - Canadian cedar.
It offers the same chocolate, but Franc characteristics prevail: fine cigar-box cedar, dusty roses, and dried cherries.
The current exhibition tells the story of Cuba's cigar industry through hundreds of colorful cigar labels and cigar-box displays.