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Numeros de referencia de GenBank de las secuencias de ITS de las especies de Oenanthe y de Cicuta maculata var.
sinuatus (bugle-weed), Scutellaria galericulata (skull-cap), Solidago lanceolata and squarrosa East Branch (golden-rod), Diplopappus umbellatus (double-bristled aster), Aster radula, Cicuta maculata and bulbifera (water-hemlock), meadowsweet, Lysimachia stricta and ciliata (loose-strife), Galium trifidum (small bed-straw), Lilium Canadense (wild yellow-lily), Platanthera peramna and psycodes (great purple orchis and small purple-fringed orchis), Mimulus ringens (monkey-flower), dock (water), blue flag, Hydrocotyle Americana (marsh pennywort), Sanicula Canadensis?
Also flowering at this time is the poisonous Cicuta maculata (water hemlock) and Hackelia virginiana (stickseed).