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Aegolius funereus Aquila pomarina Bubo bubo Ciconia nigra Circaetus gallicus Haliaeetus albicilla
Chapter 5, "Back to the Monochord: Church Reform and Music Theory in the Fifteenth Century," opens with the work of Johannes Ciconia, who advocated teaching singing through letters only.
A rare bird species Abdim's stock Ciconia abdinni an intra-African migrant, were sighted during dry season, which indicated roosting period, because the species only migrate to northern part of the country indicating beginning of wet season.
30am The Cathedral Eucharist, Introit: Matyas Seiber - Kyrie, Johannes Ciconia - Gloria, Stanford in C, O Saviour of the World - Goss.
55 "Animale mihi peculiare est coenis ineptum Ciconia.
Habitat selection by foraging White Storks, Ciconia ciconia, during breeding season.
A case of parental infanticide in the Black Stork Ciconia nigra.
Barbara Haggh provides new evidence for possible associations of the composer Johannes Ciconia with the city of Bologna through the discovery of a unique variant that his Nova musica shared with a copy of Aurelian of Reome's Musica disciplina also from that city.
There are a fair number of sightings of the globally endangered Storm's Stork Ciconia stormi in the area (Hood 1993; Sebastian 1993; Dennis 1993; van Balen 1996).
Giuliano Di Bacco and John Nadas bring forward a wealth of new evidence to support the hypothesis that Rome in the 1390s was the initial scene of compositional activity for both Johannes Ciconia and Antonio Zacara.
The White Stork Ciconia ciconia in Switzerland-population trend, demography and breeding success in the 20th century.
Contains works by Arcadelt, Bedyngham, Binchois, Brassart, Bull, Busnoys, Byrd, Cabezon, Cara, Casulana, Cavazzoni, Ciconia, Clemens non Papa, Compere, Copini, Cordier, Cornago, Cornysh, Da Milano, Dowland, Du Fay, Dunstable, Guglielmo Ebreo, Encina, Escobar, Finck, Frye, Gastoldi, Gero, Gervaise, Gesualdo, Chiselin, Hayne van Ghizeghem, Gombert, Grenon, Isaac, Janequin, Josquin, La Rue, Lassus, Le Jeune, Marenzio, Martini, Merulo, Julio Segni da Modena, Morales, Morley, Morton, Mundy, Narvaez, Ninot le Petit, Obrecht, Ockeghem, Palestrina, Passereau, Pellegrini, Power, Regis, Rore, Schlick, Senfi, Serafino dall'Aquila, Sermisy, Taverner, Tallis, Tye, Vecchi, Verdelot, Victoria, Johann Walter, and Weelkes.
This is also a problem in earlier Italian texts, such as those of Marchetto da Padova and Johannes Ciconia.