cicada killer

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large black or rust-colored wasp that preys on cicadas

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huge mounds of dirt in our yard filled with huge--and I mean huge--jurassic-size cicada killer wasps.
Male cicada killer wasps are aggressive, but they don't have stingers.
Weather and the natural regulation of three populations of the cicada killer wasp.
Regardless of the ultimate selective basis of neighbor tolerance in cicada killer wasps, finding that neighbors are kin would suggest that the capacity for nepotism can evolve in a solitary species and thus that such an ability may have been a key pre-adaptation for the evolution of cooperative nesting among kin.
We sought to determine if female cicada killer wasps, a solitary species whose life history likely resembles that of a precursor to modern eusocial forms, were more highly related to conspecific females nesting nearby (neighbors) than they were to females nesting > I m apart (non-neighbors).
This study has provided evidence of size-specific provisioning by female cicada killer wasps at 2 locations in north Florida; female wasps appear to provision nests with the largest available cicadas that they can carry in flight.
The weight of cicada killer wasps, Sphecius speciosus, and the weight of their prey.
The influence of size, age, and residency status on territory defense in male western cicada killer wasps (Sphecius grandis, Hymenoptera: Sphecidae).