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United States poet and critic (1916-1986)

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When Ciardi claims that one part of the poem "may urge itself much more rapidly or more slowly than another," he is suggesting not just that pace changes throughout the poem, and is therefore relative, but also that the poem itself indicates its pacing.
In my own experience, strong statements such as this, and that of Ciardi, often have the opposite effect on students than that intended by their writers: ironically, the reader is inspired to explore the cannibalistic interpretation more seriously when the writer's revulsion is so vehement.
Ciardi had such insight 45 years ago into the issues that we are all facing today is remarkable.
Despite this softening of tone, it's tempting to suppose that the reason Ammons's subsequent selections tilt even further toward "academic poets" like Nemerov, Daniel Hoffman, and John Ciardi, was to defy Levertov's criticism.
Holmberg's second book of poems, "Axis Mundi," won the John Ciardi Prize.
According to Ciardi and Klee (2001), the sensitivity and response level to the ethylene are dependent on the developmental and perceptive stage of the plant's organ.
Eliot, Stephen Spender, Mervyn Peake, Cecil Day Lewis, Dylan Thomas, Randall Jarrell, John Ciardi, W.
According to John Ciardi (cited in Cullinan & Galda, 1998, p.
Arroyo's work earned several awards, including the John Ciardi Poetry Prize, the Carl Sandburg Poetry Prize, an Ohio Arts Council Award for Excellence in Poetry, a Pushcart Prize, and the Hart Crane Poetry Prize.
book of poetry "Say" was a 2005 runner-up for the John Ciardi award in poetry.
Ciardi writes, "strangers could not tell he had died once.
The list of Frost's interlocutors is impressive, and includes John Ciardi, Louis Mertins, Richard Poirier, Richard Wilbur, and Frost's longtime friend Louis Untermeyer.
Comine le rappelle le pere Ciardi, l'element cle demeure la charite, un << motif de credibilite dans [le] ministere [qui] suscite normalement des conversions et des vocations >> (23).
poet John Ciardi, for whom beauty was in league with clear thought, may