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an enzyme that occurs in gastric juice

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Skin mast cell promotion of matrix remodeling in burn wound healing in mice: Relevance of chymase.
Release of the mucosal mast cell granule chymase, rat mast cell protease II, during anaphylaxis is associated with the rapid development of paracellular permeability to macromolecules in rat jejunum.
The cascade of enzymes that break down collagen is also being investigated; among them is chymase, an enzyme that activates collagenase, which destroys collagen.
Key classes of mechanism of action include Anti-inflammatory molecules, Immunomodulators which included immunosuppresants, NF-kB Inhibitors and blockers, Calcenurin Inhibitors, Inteleukin inhibitors, keratinocyte inhibitors, anti-neoplastics, vaccines, histmaine H1-antagonists, TSLP interaction inhibitors, phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4) inhibitor, chymase inhibitors, selective glucocorticoid receptor agonist, selective cannabinoid 2 receptor agonist, RAFT Modulator, cytokine modulator and alpha-1 proteinase inhibitors.
Inhibition of chymase protects against diabetes-induced oxidative stress and renal dysfunction in hamsters," American Journal of Physiology--Renal Physiology, vol.
In the present study, we co-cultured myocardial microvascular endothelial cells (MMVECs) with MCs to study 1) whether MC granules (MCGs) can promote angiogenesis in MMVECs, 2) how tryptase and chymase play a role in modulating MC-induced neovessel maturation, and 3) whether co-culturing MMVECs with MCs leads to stimulation of Ang-Tie-2 signaling.
Many preformed mediators are involved in an anaphylactic reaction, including histamine, tryptase, chymase, mast cell carboxypeptidases, platelet activating factor and others.
An advantage of the CT-proET-1 assay described here is that the CT-proET-1 fragment might be not subject to rapid turnover (16), whereas bigET-1 is an intermediary product in the biogenesis of ET-1 and is further cleaved by the action of ECE-1 and chymase into the active vasoconstrictor peptides ET-1 and ET-1(1-31), respectively.
The fusion protein also inhibits neutrophil elastase, mast cell chymase and tryptase, and thrombin, all of which may be involved in airway remodeling in asthma.
Depletion of pre [beta]1 LpA1 and LpA4 particles by mast cell chymase reduces cholesterol efflux from macrophage foam cells induced by plasma.
SLPI also impacts mast cell chymase and tryptase, and thrombin, each of which may be involved in airway remodeling in asthma.
Published structures for Cathepsin K in NATURE STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY and chymase in BIOCHEMISTRY.
Several other tryptase inhibitors are being evaluated in preclinical studies as part of a broader inflammation program focused on developing novel therapeutics that inhibit tryptase and chymase.