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Synonyms for butter

butter someone up


Words related to butter

a fighter who strikes the opponent with his head

spread butter on

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Similarly, David Siceloff's recollections of the pure torture of churning butter day after day drive home the tedium that went with much household work (pp.
One could get the impression that computer science or students learning to and through computer programming had gone the way of churning butter.
The annual event will include a chili cook-off, music, games, quilting, washing on a scrub board, churning butter and a petting zoo.
In Scotland and Ireland, traditional baked goods, such as soda bread and scones, are made with buttermilk, the liquid left over from churning butter.
Celebrated chef Julia Child, a leading proponent of cooking with butter, will help the company celebrate on "Land O'Lakes Day" by going right to the source and milking a cow, followed by a lesson in churning butter.
SERVANTS will be churning butter, breadmaking and skinning rabbits as they step back in time to live in a 1910 country house for a TV series.
That's why the hands-on activities are popular - even if they hail from an earlier time, like churning butter.
Don't forget - grow mint to compliment your spud, though churning butter could be a step too far for most of us