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English general considered one of the greatest generals in history (1650-1722)

British statesman and leader during World War II

a Canadian town in northern Manitoba on Hudson Bay

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Who could say that against a background of political and economic turmoil, with the addition perhaps of a fresh Islamist attack, a Churchillian Blair, speaking up for 'our values', might not stage an astonishing comeback?
Bush strikes poses of jut-jawed, Churchillian resolution; confronting an insurgent, nuclear-equipped North Korea, he essays a credible Neville Chamberlain impersonation.
The posters' antique Modernism may have been intended to evoke positive memories of a stalwart and determined Churchillian Britain.
Neuman but then morphed into a statesman of Churchillian gravitas.
Just a lame attempt at whipping up some Churchillian fervour before England's match with Sweden.
The trials of a biographer are numerous, and they are multiplied when the subject of that work is a poet--especially one such as Emily Dickinson, who fits the Churchillian description of a "mystery wrapped in an enigma.
She has Churchillian looks, which she would rather not have,'' noted Shamoun.
The events in America, between the Battle of Bunker's Hill, on June 17th, 1775, and the Peace Treaty of 1783, created the United States and thus broke asunder the erstwhile unity of the Anglo-Saxon world, which might otherwise have subsequently achieved almost the Churchillian dream of a single fusion - political as well as cultural - of `the English-speaking peoples'.
Conservationists today feel the sort of frustration that Churchillian conservatives did during the 1930s: We know that catastrophes of global dimensions are looming- we know that effective leaders are desperately needed to counter widespread inertia and ignorance- but with complacency the prevailing mood, we drift closer, week by week, to worst-case scenarios.
We can't expect any Churchillian prose from the boardroom to raise spirits, unless new figures suggest prawn cocktail crisps sales in the paddock bars are up 23%, of course, then excitement reaches fever pitch in Ball Bearing Central Command.
We have no Churchillian orators, no irrefutable logic like Enoch Powell's.
The winner of Celebrity Big Brother in 2005, gave a Churchillian two finger salute to a handful of supporters and press at the event to launch his bid for power.
He said: "I don't think players appreciate Churchillian speeches these days.
With Luis Suarez back from suspension and Liverpool on an unbeaten Premier League away run of six matches, Bally's team talk will have to be Churchillian, but if the home team can make it through to half-time intact, then they may have half a chance.
Syria's President Assad seems quite Churchillian, as indeed was Adolf Hitler, another gas man.