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English general considered one of the greatest generals in history (1650-1722)

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They include former World Heavyweight Champion Muhammad Ali, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, John F.
Former speakers at the historic site include Winston Churchill, John Kennedy and Charles de Gaulle.
WINSTON Churchill, John F Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton, Saddam Hussein, Karl Marx, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.
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For example, music lovers will be able to download in the morning and find out which band is Pete and Geoff's record of the week in the afternoon, evening or late into the night, while students of twentieth century history will be able to search audioVille's extensive archive for famous phrases uttered by modern day masters such as Winston Churchill, John F.
ANDREW Roberts' new series looks in turn at the leadership styles of Hitler, Churchill, John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.